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Hi! I'm Jonathan Musgrave - the creator of the Anadomy training. Chances are that if you're reading this right now, you and I have a lot in common. Let me guess, you used to work for "the man" and thought you could do it better on your own, so you went off and started your own gig. After trying to imitate what everyone else told you to do in order to be successful you finally realized it was all crap and started to do things your way. Sound about right? 

I've been running market teams for my entire career. My experience has allowed me to be involved with almost every aspect of advertising from direct mail, event marketing, radio, television and of eventually the interwebs. But my journey didn't start in advertising, in fact my background is in Journalism. Happy accident... as it turns out, having experience in writing is one of the biggest assets I have been able to leverage in my advertising career. 

So why should you listen to me? I'm not the bragging type, so this isn't going to be as much about my accolades and pumping my chest as much as it is a story of my journey and the people I have become fortunate to call my friends. 

The majority of my experience has come from running a financial services marketing organization that I own. Although we're doing $40M in annual sales today, it wasn't always peaches and cream. In fact just a few years after starting, things were so bad that I almost gave up. 

What changed my mind?  It may sound funny, but in the stodgy world of insurance and financial services, the majority of people are still relying on outdated forms of marketing (direct mail, radio, referrals, etc). So when we first decided to start digging into digital marketing it was a whole new frontier. As excited as I was to start, I spent tens-of-thousands of dollars advertising on the wrong platform with the wrong message to the wrong audience.  Then something changed...  Although I would consider myself an intuitive person, I decided to stop listening to myself and invest in education from the kind of people who were already killing it with digital marketing.

Frank Kern 

The self proclamed "President of the Internet," and the highest paid online marketer in the world. I had the great fortune of spending 4 days learning the intricacies of how Frank Kern sells high-ticket products online. 

Nicholas Kusmich

Even if you don't recognize his name, he's the advertiser behind the names of some of the biggest names online (think Tony Robbins and Joe Polish). Nick has made his mark as having generated the highest ROI of any Facebook ad manager.

Pete Vargas 

Once the visionary behind funding some of the fastest-growing not-for-profits in the US, Pete's vision is to grow companies with purposes by teaching the value of stages. His goal is to impact 70 million people through his network Advance Your Reach.

Lisa Sasevich

Known as "The Queen of Sales Conversion," Lisa's unique ability to package offers and sell online has catapulted her into the Inc 500's list of fastest growing private companies 2 years in a row.

Having learned from the best and brightest in the world of digital marketing, I've created some of the highest converting digital marketing programs in our industry. I have even been referred to as "the best digital marketer in financial services." 

So what does my experience have to do with your business? The tools and techniques most people teach have everything to do with lead generation. That's great for many businesses, but what if you sell face to face? What if your product is a service? The power of Anadomy training is that it's equally as effective whether you're advertising for a physical product as it is if your product is a service. Often times when coaching I tell people my gift is "Selling the Appointment" - making an intangible feel real and desirable. 

As my business continues to grow, my ability to consult one-on-one decreases. Anadomy is my attempt to download what hundreds of thousands spent on coaching and facebook advertising has taught me, so you can apply it to your own business. 

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